About iFact

აი, ფაქტის ამბავი

Investigative Journalists’ Team iFact is a non-profit media outlet founded by Nino Bakradze and Nino Gagua in 2016. iFact’s mission is to improve the quality of investigative journalism and provide important information to the public in plain language. 

iFact is a member of international networks operating in investigative journalism, such as the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) and the Global Investigative Journalists Network (GIJN). Therefore, the materials published are subject to international standards requiring balance, impartiality, and fact-checking from us. These criteria enabled iFact to get involved in international investigative projects. One of the latest high-profile cases was known as Pandora Papers.

Currently, iFact runs two offices in Tbilisi and Kutaisi – five journalists working in the capital and three in the Imereti office, established with the support of the Embassy of the Netherlands. 

We operate with the support of international and private donors. You can also contribute and enable us to dig into a broader range of topics. Visit our Donations page to provide financial support.

At different stages of our development, we were supported by the following: Organized Crime and Corruption Research Project (OCCRP); Global Investigative Journalism Network (GIJN); Embassy of the Netherlands in Georgia, Open Society Foundation; National Endowment for Democracy; Prague Civil Society Centre; Friedrich Naumann Foundation; European Endowment for Democracy; International Media Support; N-ost.

Organization: Investigative Journalists’ Team iFact

Identification number: 402035962

Address: Chovelidze 4a, Tbilisi.

e-mail: info@ifact.ge

Bank account number: GE97TB7005645067800005

Mission and Values
აი ფაქტის მიზანი

Mission and Values

Mission The mission of iFact is to develop investigative journalism in Georgia