Details of Namakhvani Dam Cascade Tender are Confidential

The criteria for the selection of the best investor to build, operate and own Namakhvani Dams cascade in Georgia is confidential.  The investment letter from the winner, as well as from other tender participants’ offers, also remain confidential.

On January 25, the  Energy Development Fund of Georgia declared on their website that the winner chosen to invest in one of the largest dam project in Georgia was Norwegian “CLEAN ENERGY GROUP GEORGIA“ LLC.

According to the fund, three companies took part in the so-called “expression of interest”:  “General Development LTD”, ”POWER CHINA RESOURCES LTD” and ”CLEAN ENERGY GROUP GEORGIA LLC”.

The Energy Development Fund told “iFact” that the criteria to select the winner, other potential investors’ letters, and the names of the committee members who selected the winner, will all remain confidential.  

The Namakhvani Dam Cascade will be erected on the Rioni River in western Georgia.  According to the fund, the project is supposed to generate 1,514 gigawatts of energy annually.

The winner was selected by a committee which was created under the auspices of the Energy Development Fund of Georgia. Fund director Levan Mosakhlishvili said the committee is not permanent and was created specifically for this Namakhvani project.

Mosakhlishvili would not share with “iFact” the names of the committee members, saying this would be revealing “private information”.  He did say directors of the fund were member of this committee.    

Concerning the legal status of the fund – a Joint Stock Company – Mosakhlishvili said it was not legally obliged to disclose information that otherwise would be considered public.  He said the fund was not a public entity and could choose which information to disclose; he insisted the Georgian Administrative Code for Disclosing the Public Information was not relevant in this case.   

“I understand the high public interest, though” he said.  

On January 27, two days after the winner was declared, “iFact” requested details about the process, including the investment letters of the three companies, the names of the committee members, and the criteria for choosing the winner.

To these questions the fund answered only that the committee was not permanent. Other answers would qualify as ‘confidential,’ the fund wrote in a letter.  

Mosakhlishvili did not clarify the reason of keeping this information confidential.   

The Joint Stock company Energy Development Fund of Georgia was created in December 13, 2010.  It is 100% owned by the government of Georgia.

Clean Energy Group AS

“CLEAN ENERGY GROUP GEORGIA LLC” is the daughter company of the Norwegian Clean Energy Group AS.  For this company Namakhvani HPP is the second and larger in size than a project in Adjara on the Adjaristskali River.   

On January 27, Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili met  Adjaristskali hydropower plant investors.  In news disseminated by the prime minister’s office, there was no mention of the Namakhvani project.  By that time, Clean Energy Group AS had already won the project.  

Bjorn Brandtzaeg: at left, close to the flag Photo:

Company representative   Bjorn Brandtzaeg, also attended the meeting with the prime minister. Brandtzaeg used to be the advisor to the Minister of Energy in 2008, hired by Econ Poyry, an international consulting firm..


In 2010, when Clean Energy Group AS won the Adjaristskali Georgia  dam project, Brandtzaeg left the consultancy position and moved to the investor company.

In 2011, Brandtzaeg became the director of the “Adjaristskali Georgia”; in 2014, he became a minor shareholder of the Clean Energy Group AS. According to the  2014 financial report of Clean Energy Group AS,  Brandtzaeg owned 2,1 percent of the shares.

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